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It is Harpoon Energy’s policy and its primary goal to conduct our operation with the utmost safety, promoting a healthy work environment and attitude within the company, and to prevent injuries to our fellow workers. Our objective is to encourage positive attitudes toward safety and to promote safe and healthy working conditions that reduce accidents and near misses, and limit adverse effects of these activities on the environment. Management shall conduct periodic reviews of the Health & Safety Program with input from employees, and ensure accurate and timely dissemination of safety policies, procedures, and safety expectations.

By providing the resources needed to develop and implement an effective Health & Safety Program, the company is sending the message that it is serious about expanding its existing commitment to safety to every aspect of its business. Every Harpoon Energy employee receives the training and equipment necessary to conduct his or her job in a way that complements our ongoing commitment to safety.

In fulfilling our goal to have an accident free workplace, while protecting people, property, and environment, we are committed to incorporating all applicable legislation into our Health & Safety Program and to the consistent compliance with that legislation. Everyone employed by Harpoon Energy is responsible for maintaining our Health & Safety Program.

All Harpoon Energy employees and others on company worksites are responsible for obeying all safety rules, following recommended safe work procedures, wearing and using personal protective equipment when required, participating in safety training programs, and informing managers of unsafe work conditions. Everyone has the right and responsibility to refuse to do work when unsafe conditions exist.

Our corporate intent is to meet, and where practical, exceed the requirements of the Workers Compensation Board and those of our customers.


Our Health & Safety Program is an integrated system by which Harpoon Energy identifies and provides all necessary resources to deliver quality service in a safe manner that meet or exceed customer expectations and contractual requirements. Our Health & Safety Program ensures compliance with the basic Health & Safety Programs for Alberta and BC, the Upstream Petroleum Industry, and ISNetworld (ISN).


This Health & Safety Program applies to all Harpoon Energy personnel, products, programs, and contracts. This Health & Safety Program also applies to contractors and subcontractors, when their work has a direct impact on Harpoon Energy product quality, safety, schedule, or cost.